V0.1 is here


Version 0.1 is here. The biggest news ist, that yaaMs has a 2. tutorial and 2 new scenarios.

What’s new?

  • Art in the Workshop cost money and has a capacity
  • New Quest Display
  • two new scenario
  • one new tutorial and a win status (to see the second tutorial, you need to play the first again)
  • new usability rang
  • You can rename your art
  • The streets are more expense and you can build a metro entrance
  • Support for pause and continue on android
  • And lot’s more 😉


  • Crash without music
  • The customers rotate to the tasks and the animation works better in fast speed
  • Loading, without playing a game before is working and the game save more data.
  • Rank joy is working
  • Wall build correct
  • And lot’s more 😉

Greetings Sven