Under Construction


You can take a look add the next planned features.

Planned Features

  • Random events
  • Excavation sites in distant lands
  • Real Artworks
  • illegal art workshops
  • Weather-related events: rain, snow, windy weather, night
  • Research System
  • VIP-Persons
  • Thieves, robberies and bomb threat related events and of course a security system
  • Staff types: swat team, engineers, cleaner units, maintenance service, ticket & food seller
  • Advanced passenger AI
  • Transportation connections: underground station, busses, cars, parking lot
  • New objects: overpass, underpass, moving walkways, advanced vending machines, recreation area, park, playground
  • New facilities: advanced restaurants, bars and buffets, pet relief area, lost and found, nursery
    Better In-game tutorial
  • Mod support
  • And lot’s more 😉

It’s open source

You can take a look at the code. Created by Sven. The source code is licensed under the Apache 2 License.

And if you like it, you can join 🙂